.22LR 'Spitfire Series' Assembled Uppers

The 22Mods4All SA22 'Spitfire' Series Complete .22LR Upper Receiver is built for fun reliable shooting. Nowhere else will you find the top tier features built into this upper at this low of a price. The SA22 'Spitfire' is becoming a popular choice for shooters looking for a reliable, fun, and seamless small caliber shooting experience. Our dedicated .22LR CMMG nitride barrel is known for its quality and reliability. Forget those .22LR barrel modifications that only decrease your accuracy and lower your barrel life. This barrel is made for the .22LR, and it shows. Our slim-line Handguard, built by Ghost Firearms, is ultra-lightweight, free-floating with a monolithic top-rail. This handguard comes built from heavy-duty T6 aluminum and is compatible for your favorite accessories. All of our .22LR uppers use a blow-back gas system removing the need for traditional gas hardware. The Anderson Manufacturing upper receiver for this .22LR upper is slick-sided and paired flawlessly to the Stainless Steel blowback BCG, and the CMMG barrel. We are excited to offer this. After rigorous testing, we are excited to offer this unique .22LR upper to you. Forget the conversion kits, the constant jamming, and unreliability of traditional .22LR's. This .22LR performs flawlessly, and will quickly become your favorite AR!