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Shipping Times

When will my order ship out?

  • Upper Receivers - Can take up to 15 business days to ship out.
  • Firearms - (Rifles, Pistols, Lower Receivers, Etc.) Can take up to 7-10 business days to ship out. 
    **Please verify that 22Mods4All has a copy of the FFL from your Dealer.
  • All other items - Can take up to 3-5 business days to ship out.
Due to the high seasonal/holiday order volume, shipping times will vary during the holidays. 
Non-holiday shipping is typically 5 days for your order to ship. 
We do work very hard to get your order out to you, and apologize if there is a delay with it. Let our Customer Service Department know if your order has passed the above ship time, and they will have your order sent to our Shipping Department to investigate the reason for the delay.




Upper Receivers

Why haven't I received the Upper Receiver from my order?

Upper receivers can take up to 15 business days from the order date to ship from our warehouse.


Can I get the Rail (Barrel, Flash Suppressor, Etc.) on my Upper Receiver switched out for a different one?

We can only sell Upper receivers as they are listed. Upper receivers cannot be altered from their product description. (No customization is possible at this time.)




.308 Lower/Upper Receivers

What parts can I use to build my .308 Lower/Upper receiver?

We can only guarantee that our lower/upper receivers will be compatible with our .308 parts and build kits.




Partial Shipments

I ordered a Lower Build Kit, and an Upper Receiver, but only received my Lower Build Kit. Where is my Upper Receiver?

The packing slip inside of your package will only list the items that were sent in that shipment. 
If one of the items is not listed on that packing slip, then it is being shipped out separately. 
Upper receivers are usually shipped separately from other items. 
Upper Receivers generally take longer to ship than any other products that we sell.


I only received my Lower Receiver. The Lower Build Kit from my order was never sent to me. Where is my Lower Build Kit?

Our Compliance Department only ships serialized items. Lower Receivers and Firearms are shipped separately from the other products. Our Shipping Department handles all other products. The Shipping Department will ship the other items on your order to the shipping address that was provided.




Editing/Adding/Combining an Order

Can I swap an item from my order to a different item?

No, we are not able to to edit an order after it has been placed. 
We can assist in cancelling your original order, so you can order all the item(s) you wanted, or you can place a separate order. 
To cancel your order, please call our Customer Service Department at 1(561) 926-5888.


Can I add something to my order?

No, we are not able to edit an order after it has been placed. 
You can either place a separate order, or we can only cancel your current order, so you can reorder all of the items you wanted 
To cancel your order, please call our Customer Service Department at 1(561) 926-5888.


Can I combine my orders together?

No, we are not able to combine your orders.




Compliance Department – Handles all firearm orders

**Please inspect all firearms before completing the transfer process from your FFL dealer. 

I forgot to give you my FFL information.

You can send in a copy of the FFL license to us at: 
Fax: 1(561) 594-7319 
Please provide your Order number with a copy of your FFL. 
Please note: If your FFL Dealer has not sent in a copy of the FFL since the beginning of March 2014, we will need a new copy sent in to the above email or fax number.


How can I find out if you already have my FFL dealer on file?

Contact us by phone or email to see if your FFL dealer has already been added to our FFL database. 
Phone: 1(561) 926-5888


How can I find out what FFL dealers you already have on file in my area?

Call or email us to request a list of FFL dealers we currently have on file in your area. We can search for FFL dealers in your area using your preferred city, states, and/or zip codes. 
Phone: 1(561) 926-5888


How do I know if a firearm/magazine capacity is compliant in my state?

Every State has different laws and regulations on different firearms/magazine capacity. Before placing an order for a firearm/magazine, please contact your local FFL dealer to ensure that the firearm/magazine you would like to order is compliant in your state. 
**Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information.


California / Maryland / Massachusetts approved handgun rosters.

California -

Maryland -

Massachusetts -

If you do not know how to navigate these lists, feel free to contact us for assistance by phone or email: 
Phone: 1(561) 926-5888


Can you ship a pistol lower receiver to California?

Unfortunately since the pistol lower receiver is not on the California approved handgun roster, it is not compliant in California.


Can an FFL dealer hold a package at the UPS hub?

Unfortunately we have a flag on our UPS account that will not allow us or an FFL dealer to hold a package at the UPS hub.




FFL Locator Issues

PLEASE NOTE: The FFL dealers listed on our FFL locator comprise a separate website database provided for customer convenience only, but it does not necessarily reflect what FFL dealers are currently on file at 22Mods4All. 

I cannot locate my FFL dealer on the website FFL locator?

Select the FFL “CANNOT LOCATE MY FFL DEALER” from the top of the list. This not a real FFL dealer, this is a stand-in FFL to inform us that your FFL is not listed on our FFL locator. Once your order has been completed contact us by phone or email to provide us with the updated FFL information.

Please reference your name and order number when providing us with your updated FFL dealer. 
Phone: 1(561) 926-5888


How can I have my FFL dealer added to the website FFL locator?

You can send a copy of the FFL license to our Compliance Department at: 
Fax: 1(561) 594-7319
Please inform us in the fax or email, that you would like to have the FFL dealer added to the website list.




In Store Pickup (firearms)

How do I make my order an In Store Pick up?

22Mods4All currently only has one store located in South Florida under the Scorpion Armaments Brand. 

When selecting your FFL dealer, select the following Scorpion Armaments store location: 
Note: For the best search results, search using the zip code. 

Scorpion Armaments - Delray Beach 
ISPU Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM to 7PM, Saturday Sunday 11AM to 6PM 
4760 W. Atlantic Ave. 
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Retail store 
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM to 7PM, Sunday 11AM to 6PM
Phone: 1(561) 926-5888
Fax: 1(561) 594-7319

The store you have selected will contact you once your order is ready for pick up.




Firearm Returns

What do I do with a firearm that is not functioning correctly?

If this firearm is not manufactured by Scorpion Armaments, only the manufacturer of the firearm will be able to assist you with any issues pertaining to the firearm. 

If the firearm is manufactured by Scorpion Armaments, you may be able to return the firearm for repair/replacement to our Manufacturing Department if the warranty has not been voided. Please contact the Compliance Department to determine if you will be able to send the firearm in for repair/replacement. When contacting us describe what issues you are having and provide pictures to help us better assist you. 

Phone: 1(561) 926-5888


What if my order was not delivered to my FFL dealer and returned to 22Mods4All?

Please notify us by phone or email that your package is being returned and how you would like us to proceed. 
You have 3 options:
  1. Reship your order to the original FFL dealer.
    (we will have to recharge you the shipping fee)
  2. Reship your order to a different FFL dealer.
    (we will have to recharge you the shipping fee)
  3. Cancel and refund your order.
    (we will refund the amount you paid minus the shipping cost)

Phone: 1(561) 926-5888




FOID/FID Information

Where do I send my Illinois FOID/New Jersey FID/ Connecticut Pistol Permit Card Information?

You can send that information to us by email at

Enter the below text into the subject line of the email:

Example: Order# 2100123456 (ATTN: Scott)

We will keep this information on file for future purchases. Please include your order number with the email.




Issues with Placing an Order

Why will the website not let me complete the ordering process?

We are always working to update and better our website.

If you are having issues completing the order process we recommend you check the following:

  • Which Internet browser are you using?
    • Our website seems to work best with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Try deleting your cookies, and browsing data.
  • Use a Desktop or Laptop computer. Our site sometimes has trouble working with smart phones and tablets.

*If any other assistance is needed please email or call our Customer Service line at 803-724-6950




Password Reset

Why can't I reset my password?

If you do not receive the email to reset your password, it is possible the email was sent to your spam folder. We can reset your password via email or phone request at:

Phone: 1(561) 926-5888

Please provide your name and the email address that was used to create your account.
In the subject line of your email, please enter “Need Password Reset”.




Out of Stock Items

Do you know when this item will become available again?

Unfortunately, we do not have any projected dates for when any item(s) will become available again. All we can recommend is that you continue to watch our site for the item(s) you would like to come back in stock.


Do you have a system that will notify me when this item comes back in stock?

No, we are not able to notify you when an item is back in inventory, but we recommend that you continue to watch our site for the item(s) you are looking for.


Can I order an out of stock item, and you send it once it comes in? (Back Ordering)

No, out of stock items cannot be ordered/back ordered.



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